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Employability Programme


Preparing for Employment (Workskills)

Our employability qualification has been designed to offer learners a flexible programme of study to improve their understanding and application of employability skills. The qualification has been developed to ensure that the knowledge, skills and understanding they provide are relevant, current and useful for learners and potential employers. Learners have the opportunity to follow a flexible course and achieve a nationally recognised Entry Level 3, Level 1 or Level 2 vocationally-related qualification. On completion of one of these qualification, learners have the opportunity to progress to related general and/or vocational qualifications, or employment in a particular vocational sector. There are no prior knowledge, understanding, skills or qualifications required to register for this qualification.

You will develop all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) by being actively involved inside and outside the class. You will take part in activities such as problem-solving exercises, cooperative student projects, informal group work, simulations, case studies, and role playing.

There are over 25 different modules to choose from at various levels including:

  • Speaking, Listening and Communication – participate in and understand the main points of simple discussions/exchanges about familiar topics with another person in a familiar situation. 
  • Reading – Read and understand short, simple texts that explain or recount information.
  • Writing – Write short, simple sentences.

Progression Opportunities:

The course is designed to provide two potential outcomes in terms of learner progression.

  • Learners are able to access sustainable employment. This will be the case where learners are unemployed or wish to enter work or an apprenticeship immediately.
  • Learners at Level 2 for whom further study is the next stage can progress to an occupational qualification.

Start Date: This course has multiple entry points throughout the year. Please call 07305 936446 or email for more information.

Duration: 12 weeks – 32 weeks

Age ranges: These qualifications are approved for delivery to learners aged 16 and above, but can be tailored for younger age.