Community Needs

Loneliness can be a common problem among disabled people, people who live alone, and elderly individuals in the UK. They face unique challenges in accessing services and engaging with the community.

Additionally, many people who use our services are refugees and receive limited support to recover from the distress they are experiencing. Consequently, for many, seeing a friendly face once a week can really make a difference to help them on the road to recovery and boost their confidence to engage in the community!

Befrienders are volunteers who spend a couple of hours a week helping someone in need of support or companionship. The little things, such as giving a small amount of your time to help others, can make a real difference in these people’s lives. Some of our ‘Befriendees’ can speak more than one language. Individual participants can benefit from this service by developing a sense of integration in the community, gaining more independence, support with language barriers, and also improving their self-esteem regardless of their difficulties.

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