Community Needs

Summer School / Half-Term Projects

Would you like your children to attend one of our half-term projects or want to find out what is on offer, maybe the time and duration? For more information or to register your child please call us on 07305936446 (during office hours)

Life Skills Opportunities

This project is to support the needs of individuals from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Communities and low-income households. Our primary objective is to provide pre-entry level participants access to basic literacy, numeracy, and personal development classes, support with cost of living, mental health, and well-being. This project is being delivered over the […]

ICT Class

We are now offering free ICT class every Wednesday as part of our digital inclusion project We offer free ICT support for anyone who needs help with universal credit or need help with applying for universal credit and any other benefit they may need support in.

Football Project

Community Needs football project is where anyone from the community can come and play football that improves your all round football game, allows you to make friends, improve your social skills and support with your mental health and well-being. Our football programmes is designed to give each individual a fantastic opportunity to be part of […]

What does a befriender do?

Meet weekly to listen, talk and be with the befriender. Social and emotional support is often what is needed most. – Encourage the befriended’s independence and integration into the local community. Help them access local services through the provision of one-to-one information. – Support their befriender in coping with life challenges through empathy and companionship. […]

Becoming a befriender

Loneliness can be a common problem among disabled people, people who live alone, and elderly individuals in the UK. They face unique challenges in accessing services and engaging with the community. Additionally, many people who use our services are refugees and receive limited support to recover from the distress they are experiencing. Consequently, for many, […]

Our ‘Befriending’ Project

Community Needs staff and volunteers provide company for people who would simply like some friendly support getting out and about. Whether it is due to a health concern or age, you may simply benefit from enjoying the friendly atmosphere of our organisation. We pair volunteer ‘Befrienders’ with an individual who may otherwise be at risk […]